Monday, March 10, 2008

A couple people over at Ronpaulforums seem to think I was never in the military and that I never supported Ron Paul. I guess the prevaling logic is "if they dont agree with me on absolutely every single issue, they must be a troll."

Oh well, nobody ever said convincing fools would be easy.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Message to Diggers, Barack Obama Supporters and the Bury Brigade From a Ron Paul Supporter

I know many of you had grown tired of the never-ending stream of Ron Paul posts on Digg. The very fact that us supporters were so aggressive likely turned many others away. We talk like there will be no tomorrow to continue the fight for freedom. We often speak in absolutes and rarely give any other figure a chance.

In some ways we deserve the response we got from you all. Many of us get frustrated when others cannot see what seems plain from our perspective, and instead of engaging in conversation or changing our aggressive behavior, we go on the attack. Many have learned a lesson regarding the human response to our often-dismissive behavior, albeit in a difficult manner.

I am sorry to those that were offended by our aggressive behavior, but I also want people to understand what we saw in Ron Paul. We did not see him as a prophet or god among men. We saw him only as a messenger of a force that was willing to stand up to the establishment. To stand up to any group that would actively suppress the lawful actions of individuals everywhere. We will support this force with Ron Paul or not.

I now believe that there is zero chance that Ron Paul will win the republican nomination. There is no longer a need to support his nominating campaign, but I still want others to understand why exactly we supported this man. There were dozens of reasons, but the following video focuses on only one. Please watch it all of the way through. The beginning may be a little slow, but in its entirety, it represents a pure antiwar stance. And understand that we are only so passionate because we have a deep desire to return the power in this country back to the individual.

If any description describes us accurately as a group, it would have to be "Individualists," and Ron Paul standing up to the whole of congress struck to the heart of us.

Hopefully we have grown from this experience and in the future, will approach others in a more civil matter.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will Barack Obama be the next President?

America says YES!!! Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee & Mccain stand no chance. A highly influential think tank in Europe has been studying American voting habits based on the mood of the nation for decades. After accurately predicting the last five US presidents, months of in-depth observation have been concluded with one result: Barack will be our President.

This is why the unintelligent should never, under any circumstance, be encouraged to vote. Those with enough intelligence will vote without persuasion. Persuading stupid people to vote only promotes Socialism. Who doesn't like free stuff?!?!?!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Ron Paul Money Bombing has Begun

Last weekend a couple fellow’s named Jesse and Eric created a mailing list and website known to many of you as the Ron Paul Money Bomb. I saw a comment on a Youtube video of all places promoting the idea, and of all the promotions I have seen this seemed to have the most promise. So what did I do? I Blogged about it. The first week has past and the time to donate was around noon today. The initial results are in and are nothing less than fantastic.

The intention is to get as many people together as possible to donate $25 at the same day and time every week. As of this posting there are about 2000 to 3000 Moneybombers and growing fast. Within the first hour we were able to collectively donate $30,000. After two hours the total had jumped to $50,000+ and the total for the day is $105,000, so far.

The campaign is set to have one of its largest days of contributions to date, and it is more than likely that next saturday will be the largest since the campaign started. This is beyond the expectations of everybody involved and I am sure that by this time next week our expectations will be blown away yet again.

A quick comparison shows us the weekly difference in Saturday donations. "Heck" better watch out! If this continues it will be frozen over in no time.

An initial goal of 25000 Moneybombers has been set, which would result in $500,000 of saturday contributions from just one source of individuals. This goal is easily obtainable and potentialy eclipsable.

The success is evident but what do we do now? We help spread the message!!!! Make sure that every individual you know is aware of the Ron Paul campaign and sign up for The Ron Paul Money Bomb by emailing Don’t forget to visit as well as to stay up to date on our Grassroots fundraising efforts.

A thanks to goes out to Jesse Elder and Eric Nordstrom for getting this beast rolling. You guys Rock!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Ron Paul Money Bomb

It is not often such a large group of Americans become so impassioned with a political movement that rallies and fundraisers are spontaneously organized and various forms of small scale media are created to spread the message to the masses; all without direction from campaign headquarters. Who can forget the guy that used the roof of a New York City building to spread the message through GoogleEarth?

The rallies organized by Meetup groups throughout the country are nothing less than uncanny and the quality of the not so amateur media created by Ron Paul’s individual supporters is difficult to differentiate from the best campaign videos paid for with millions of dollars.

A recent example:

One just has to glance at the inefficient campaigns of the so-called frontrunners to witness the pathetic nature typical American presidential campaigning has become. Needless to say, like all of us I am proud to be part of this movement and gladly devote much more than money for the sake of liberty.

Which brings me to a great idea I just happened to glance upon the other day. I was skimming across a website when I read about this guy starting an email list called the Ron Paul money bomb. The plan is to get as many people as possible signed up for a mailing list and one time each week an email goes out reminding everybody to donate $25 the same day and time.

If just a small fraction of Ron Paul supporters throughout the nation agree to do this, the results will be nothing less than spectacular. To be added to the list, just email If 20,000 people sign up, old Ronnie will be getting bumps of $500000 a week. Be ready to donate $25 a few times each month and spread this message far and wide.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

America and Ron Paul Need Your Help!!

J Moon

It looks like the most watched Ron Paul video on Youtube, which is titled “Stop Dreaming,” is finally going to break the half million-view mark. The feeling I am overcome by when watching this clip is similar to listening to the Star Spangled Banner. The video is indeed something the producer should be proud of, but the fact remains that only a small fraction of Youtube users have watched the video.

Over the past few weeks Stop Dreaming has been in and out of the 100 most top rated videos of all time, and whenever it manages to break that barrier the view count spikes because so many people use the category “highest rated all time” to find new videos.

Ron Paul’s campaign focuses on getting high amounts of publicity without using much cash, and I think we can help him out a little by giving this video more exposure.

If every member of the Ron Paul meetup groups as well as a few friends and family members were to watch this video and rate it five stars, its rating would go through the roof and it would no doubt become one of the top rated videos on Youtube.

Stop Dreaming currently has 6000+ ratings and is varies between the top 90th and 110th top rated of all time. With everybody’s help, this video could pass the 100,000+ rating mark and possibly be exposed to millions of more viewers.

The primaries are approaching fast. As more and more Americans have the fire of freedom lit inside, the better shot we will have at restoring the constitution. Help spread the message and save our country!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

What's with the Ron Paul bashing?


Every four years our presidential elections showcase a dozen or more generic candidates whose positions on critical issues seem closely aligned with sets of artificial answers their campaign managers and speechwriters pound into their heads. Why during every televised debate do most candidates limp along, just pandering to their small base while trying not to say anything outside of the ordinary? Maybe for fear they might be open to criticism from those who demand politically transparent debate?

It was refreshing to see Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul included in the debates. All have strong political backgrounds and stay honest to their core principles, which is most of what they have in common. Of the three, only Ron Paul has managed to garner any significant support with his message spreading throughout the world. It is quickly becoming clear that his followers are not a few spammers and his message of life and liberty is articulate and appealing to the populace. While his support base is indeed growing, there is also a large troop of critics that oppose his campaign with many doing so for the mere sake of opposition.

The trouble with folks opposing a candidate for any reason other than his position on important issues is that individuals that dislike or are annoyed by grassroots movements may very well help the uniformed decide the outcome of the election. Groups of individuals that have knowledge of and agree with relevant issues drive grassroots movements in an attempt to elect their preferred candidate as opposed to much of the population that receives their information from the MSM without much in depth knowledge, and then attempts to elect a candidate based on popularity. Instead of disregarding or censoring information generated and driven by a grassroots organization, one should honesty try to understand the ideas being expressed.

There was a point in American history when politics was considered “The only game in town.” Not because the populous were bored out of their minds, but because people had a genuine interest in their potential representatives as well as the logical debate that was required to elect them. This is a free society and one cannot be faulted for being uninterested in politics; that is their individual right. Conversely, if one is uninterested in politics but still votes because he or she likes the vast fleet of personal jets their candidate owns, the political process is imperiled.

Instead of bashing Ron Paul’s name with curses and slander, it would be nice if his critics pointed out the flaws in his position as well as the reasoning behind them, and if we want to promote our candidate because we truly believe the direction he will navigate our country will be beneficial to society while protecting life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we shouldn’t whisper his name under our breath! We should holler it at the top of lungs!!